Benefit Majorette Review

Saturday, 10 January 2015

I've always been a huge fan of Benefit products, particularly their amazing Box o' Powders - basically, their range of fab blushers. From Coralista to Rockateur, Hoola to Dandelion, there's a blush for everyone from Benefit. When I heard they were launching a new blusher back in September, I of course expected big things.

And I wasn't disappointed. Benefit's most recent addition to their already wide selection of blushers is Majorette - the ultimate 'boosting' cream-to-powder blusher. Everything about this blush is light, bright and pretty; from the packaging to the blush itself. I'll admit, I was a tad dubious when I heard this product was predominantly being marketed as a blush "booster" (something I find really bizarre - if I want my blush to look more opaque, I add more blush, surely!?), but when you get away from that aspect, the blush itself is fab.

Having oily skin, cream blushers are definitely not my favourite, and I often find it hard to get on with them, without them sliding all over my face. However, I found Majorette really easy to apply and it stays on the skin nicely. It's a beautiful bright coral/peach colour (perfect for the summer months) and, like most of Benefit's blush products, even smells amazing - indeed, it is scented with pomegranate and peach, which makes it a total treat to apply. 

Whilst all of Benefit's other blush products come in little boxes made from cardboard, Benefit has upped its game completely with Majorette and the plastic packaging is stunning - I adore the design and the product looks pretty-as-a-picture on my dressing table. That combined with the fact the blush itself is lovely makes it a winner for me. 

So, am I converted to cream blush? In all honesty, no - my acne-prone oily skin is still a bit wary of cream products, but using Majorette has made me a bit more open when it comes to trying them. If you're a fan of cream-to-powder blushes then this one is definitely for you. 

Have you tried Benefit's Majorette blusher? What did you think?