Thursday, 8 January 2015

Bourjois Smoky Stories Eyeshadow Quads

I have a confession to make: I'm a bit crap when it comes to creating a smoky eye. Despite my efforts, I never seem to get that sexy, smoked-up look that I'm so desperate to achieve, and my eyeshadow combinations never quite turn out right. So, when I heard Bourjois were launching some fool-proof smokey eye palettes, I was definitely keen to give them a try, to see if I could finally master this sometimes-difficult eye look. 

That's right, Bourjois released these bad boys a month or so before Christmas - eight different eyeshadow quads filled with some stunning smoky shades - nudes, greys, browns, khakis, pinks... basically every wearable smoky colour you can think of. Each quad comes with four complimentary colours, all of which work in sync with one another to create the ultimate easy peasy smoky eye. 

The formula for these is fantastic - they're buttery soft and blend really well together (something oh-so crucial in creating a decent smoky eye) and the colour range is fab, as well as being really pigmented. I love that in the centre of each quad there is a stunning sparkly shade, perfect for adding a touch of much-needed sparkle to a pretty party-appropriate smoky eye. 

Having used these a fair few times now, I've got to say they are well worth giving a go for anyone looking for a fool-proof smoky eye. The colours work amazingly well together and as the formula is so smooth and soft it makes them a pleasure to apply. Bourjois have really upped their game with these eyeshadows and I can't get enough of them - I think everyone needs at least one of these fab quads in their life.

Have you tried Bourjois' Smoky Stories eyeshadow quads? Let me know what you think to them!


  1. These seem really great! Really want to try the baby pink one!

    Danielle | Simplicity Rose x

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  3. These sound amazing. Definitely gonna check out the pink one :) x

  4. Ah! These are so expensive here in Australia... Something like $20 per palette! :'(

  5. these sound so good! they definitely seem as though they'd make things a lot easier, such a good price too! xx

  6. I love a palette is making it so super easy to get a blended smokey eye and it's so easy to travel with.


  7. I have the pink one and I think it's a nice palette for beginners, because the shades are not too pigmented but buildable and for this reason quite easy to use! :)


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