Sunday, 4 January 2015

Little Things #10

iPhone 6
After years of owning my scruffy-looking iPhone 4S, I thought it was about time I was due an upgrade. Afterall, my 4S's home button didn't work, to name one of many problems, and it was starting to get to the point where I stopped using it as I found it so frustrating. New year, new phone, however, and I am already completely and totally obsessed with my new iPhone 6. It's quicker, bigger, brighter and so much better than my last phone, and such a pleasure to use. I am never waiting this long for an upgrade again! 

Ted Baker Odele Bag*
Meet my new favourite bag. I have never, ever owned a bag costing more than about £65 so to have this in my grasp is a total dream. I adore everything Ted Baker do, and I've always yearned for a 'classic' bag that I can use year-round and keep everything I need in. The Ted Baker Odele Bag definitely stands out amongst my millions of cheapo Primark bags, and it's one I know will stay by my side for years to come. I adore it, and am so greatful to the lovely people at Repertoire Fashion for sending me it - I'm after a Vivienne Westwood one from there now! Fancy getting 10% off Repertoire Fashion? Use my code 'AWAYWITHTHEFAIRIES10'. You can thank me later! 

Daniel Wellington Classic Southampton Watch*
I recently got my hands on this absolutely STUNNING watch from Daniel Wellington. I've admired the brand from afar for a while now so when I was offered a chance to review one of their beautiful watches I couldn't resist. I chose the Rose Gold Classic Southampton, which has a synthetic strap with navy blue, white and pink stripes, and is so classic and elegant. It has rarely been off my wrist since receiving it, which is a shock as my Michael Kors usually is usually my go-to watch of choice. However, it's made a really refreshing change to wear this beauty from Daniel Wellington and I absolutely adore it. Fancy treating yourself to a post-Christmas purchase? You can get 15% off Daniel Wellington watches with my code 'awaywiththefairies'. Aren't I spoiling you?!

Yankee Candle Wax Melts
Yankee Candle is most definitely one of my firm favourite candle brands, so I opened up this present of 9 wax melts on Christmas day I was over the moon. I've never tried the tartlets before but love that there's a big range of scents in there for me to try - the only one I've already tried in the set is Snowflake Cookie, which is a gorgeous sickly sweet scent. I'm really excited to get lighting these, as they came with a cute little flower-shaped candle holder too. 

Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes
I'm only part-way through this book, but already I've touted it my favourite beauty bible. Why? Pretty Honest is straight-talking, to the point, and most importantly, honest. Sali Hughes, a journalist and fellow-blogger with a love for all things beauty, runs through everything you need to know about looking and feeling beautiful, from your skin type to any concerns, the best ways to get the perfect pedicure and even looks at different age groups, like mature and teenage skin. I love how Sali writes and trust her advice completely - definitely worth a read if you're a beautyaholic. 

Molton Brown Shower Gels
Another Christmas gift, and one I just couldn't resist showing off. I mean, come on, how pretty?! I've always wanted to try some bits from Molton Brown (you know, the posh brand you tend to find in really swanky hotels) but I'd never been able to afford it, so I was totally delighted with this. It's a set of 12 mini body washes, all in a range of beautiful scents, and packaged in cute little luxe bottles. I kind of just want to prop the box up on a shelf and look at it all day it's so pretty, but I will definitely be putting these to good use! 


  1. Absolutely loved this post and we have the same DW watch! <3

    Freya Blendell | Beauty & Style Blog

  2. I really want an iPhone 6 but I've only had my 5S for a little over a year and its still perfectly fine, just me being an obsessive over getting something new. I'm also loving the Sali Hughes book, I have been reading it at every chance I get xx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  3. I'm glad it's not just my iPhone 4 where the click wheel has completely given up! Can't wait to try Sali Hughes book either, I was a little worried it'd be just another beauty book but I've heard lots of good recommendations now, might have to give it a try! :)

    Jenessa -

  4. I loved Pretty Honest, it literally is my beauty bible and even though I've read it, I still go back and re-read certain parts!
    Jodie // La Lune Song

  5. My 4s is the same way and I'm just waiting for my birthday to get the iPhone 6 and can't wait. The book sounds amazing so it's already been added to my to read list.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  6. I have never owned a beauty bible, or ever thought about investing in a book where I can turn to for advice with beauty related things...I have always left it to trial and error, giving products a go or looking at what magazines have to say. But this book sound interesting...straight talking and to the point, that's what I like. Plus the book cover is lovely, simple.

    Rebekah |

  7. I love Molton Brown, and the minis are so cute. I've just got Sali Hughes book as well and I can't wait to start reading it! x

  8. I know absolutely nothing about iPhones and have never used one. The floral print on your new bag is pretty and your watch looks nice. Mine needs a battery and cleaning. That book Pretty Honest sounds like it's a very informative read. The Molton Brown shower gel body wash set looks wonderful. I hope your year 2015 keeps on going beautifully.

  9. Ah the ted baker bag is such a beauty you lucky girl!

  10. Dying to read Pretty Honest, I keep forgetting to pick it up and this has just reminded me to do so. I am dying to get the new iphone but stupidly upgraded my iphone to a sony - as at the time i fancied a change. regretting this massively now!!

    Zoe Newlove | Beauty Blogger & MUA

  11. I love the Wax Melts, they are a great way of trying out scents without buying a whole candle.



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