10 Things Every Dog Owner Knows

Monday, 16 February 2015

I love my dog. After desperately wanting a dog almost five years ago, I bit the bullet, parted with my cash and brought home my little furry baby, Rory. I've gushed about him on this blog countless times, but I thought it was about time I put together a post that will hopefully resonate with all fellow dog owners out there. Here goes... 

1. Your dog will basically become your child. When your friends ask if you fancy going on a night out, more often than not you'll reply with 'Can't sorry, got to look after the dog.' There will not be even the slightest hint of sadness in your voice. Because, you know, hanging out with your dog at home is waaaay better than a drunken night out. 

2. You'll spend more money buying his/her accessories than you will your own. Dog accessories are basically the best things in the world, and you can never have too many. I'm talking collars, leads, even doggy clothes, and then all the important bits like beds, food bowls... there are a million and one adorable things for your dog out there - and you're guaranteed to NEED them all. 

3. You will feel in competition with all the neighbours to have the cutest dog. You will, of course, always win - because every dog owner thinks their dog is the cutest thing in the world, right? (no but seriously, mine is).

4. As well as cuteness factor, it will also be a competition to see who has the most well-behaved/well-trained dog. 'Oh, doesn't he know 'paw'? Rory does...' Rest assured this is perfectly normal behaviour.

5. You will be much more inclined to share your bed with your dog than with your partner. For one, dogs take up much less of the bed and are far warmer and cuddlier. And, they don't make you watch Match of the Day OR whinge for breakfast in bed. Plus they won't judge you if you decide to spend the entire day in bed - most likely, they'll join you! 

6. Forget your own shampoos and conditioners - doggy hair products are just so much cooler (and they smell better). You'll end up spending your wages on Pethead products that your dog quite frankly despises but make him smell incredible. Mhmm, blueberry muffin shampoo anyone? 

7. You will become accustomed to picking up dog poo like it isn't a big deal, at all. You'll frown on those who don't, and pride yourself on your bio-degradable scented poo bags. You will find said poo bags in every pocket of every item of clothing you own, EVER.

8. You'll have at least one 'dog walking' outfit. I mean, you have to look chic whilst walking your pooch, right?! My personal favourite is snuggly socks, joggers and my big parka jacket. So wrong yet so right. 

9. You'll become a bit obsessed with that 'dog smell', in a way that non-dog owners will never understand. You know, just the comforting smell of your doggy's fur, that makes you instantly feel at ease? I could smell that smell all day (as strange as that sounds!) 

10. You'll learn that dogs are the most loyal, selfless creatures on the planet, and it's guaranteed whenever you're feeling sad, alone or upset, your little furry friend will be on hand to help. Whether it's to kiss away those tears (literally, doggies just love those salty tears!) or just to be a snuggle buddy, you can always rely on your dog to keep you company when times get tough. 

Basically - dogs are awesome. Let me know if you agree with any of the things above, or if you have any to add!