Falling in love with Venice

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

I was recently invited to take part in a little competition with MSC Cruises to win a holiday worth £500, and I jumped at the chance. MSC Cruises are a cruise company that travel all around the world, and after a quick look at their website I want to book myself a cruise – right now!

To take part in the competition I was asked to create a post about what I feel is the most romantic city in the world, explaining why, using a little bundle of things to represent the city.

Of course, my immediate thought process was Paris – but having thought a little harder, I decided in my mind, the most romantic city in the world for couples has got to be Venice. I’ve never been, but it’s a place that has always inspired me, and after reading reviews and viewing countless photographs of this beautiful city, I just know it’s a place perfect for falling in love.

To represent the city and the romance it captures, I thought I would quite literally recreate the city, on my dressing table. Being a beauty blogger who loves to travel I thought it would be perfect to bring both of those things together to create my own miniature Venice on my dressing table. I think dressing tables in themselves are quite romantic, so this of course added to the effect!

To create my mini Venice, I bought dozens of tea lights, to represent the city's lights, used some colourful fancy shower gels to represent the colourful buildings, created the canal with foil and added rose petals for a touch more romance, and even went as far as creating cute origami gondolas! I added some ‘LOVE’ letters to represent bigger buildings in the city, and snuck in some ice cream decorations to also represent buildings, as well as being one of Italy’s most delicious desserts.

I lit the tea lights and started snapping away, and I think the end result is just as I imagined. It captures the warm terracotta hues of Venice as well as the colourful buildings, and I imagine this is what Venice would look like at night, if you were to sit with your loved one floating down the canal together – utterly engulfed in the romance of it all.

I think Venice is undoubtedly the most romantic city in the world because it is a city of beauty, of fantastic food, stunning sights and breathtaking backdrops. Whether you are being serenaded down the fairy tale-esque canals, eating pizza by candlelight in a romantic restaurant or visiting the opera house, you are guaranteed to fall in love with this city.