SOS Beauty Products

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

We all have those 'SOS' beauty moments... when we've not been looking after ourselves as much as we should, or our skin has started playing up, right before a big event, and we are in desperate need of a 'quick-fix' beauty solution to sort it out. So, I thought I'd run through some of my common 'SOS' beauty problems, and the products I find work best to solve to them.

Dry, frizzy hair
Being an (unnatural) blonde, my hair is pretty much always dry, but there are some weeks where I don't give it the care it deserves and I find it getting dryer and frizzier than ever. When this happens, I always find a certain two products that can solve this for me - my trusty Bed Head Ego Boost*, and a hair oil of some sort. A hair oil I've been particularly loving lately is Redken's Diamond Oil*, which is the ultimate luxe oil for dry hair. I find Bed Head's Ego Boost* ideal for running through the ends of my hair when damp, smoothing over any split ends and making it feel much smoother, whilst Redken's Diamond Oil is a fantastic quick-fix de-frizzer and smoother, even on dry hair.

Dull, pale skin
Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with golden, glowing skin, but instead forced to make do with dull, washed-out, pale, dead-looking skin. I pretty much always look ill, with dark circles under my eyes and skin so pale it feels almost see-through at times. When I notice my skin looking particularly sorry for itself, a failsafe way to perk it up almost instantly is by using my favourite gradual tan ever - Dove's Summer Glow in Med-Dark. Although, as I said, I'm very pale, this being a gradual tan I find it gives me just the right amount of colour after one application that brings some much-needed life back into my skin. I don't find it breaks me out either - but instead always leaves my skin looking clearer, if anything, the day after application.

Spots are probably the worst beauty problem to encounter, particularly on the eve of a big night out or event, so it's even more important to make sure you have some go-to miracle spot zapping products readily available for when disaster strikes. Some of my favourites include trusty Sudocrem and the famous Origins Spot Remover, but a new addition has got to be Murad's Blemish Spot Treatment*. This little baby is an amazing on-the-spot treatment that minimises spots without drying out the skin. I find it works really quickly to target spots and contains vitamins E and C to help restore the skin's health - unlike a lot of spot-targeting products that simply dry out the spot without caring for the skin.

Flat hair
Ugh, isn't flat hair just the worst? I always feel so much more self-conscious on days when my hair feels flat and lifeless - I think I use my hair as a bit of a security blanket and the more volume = the more confident I feel. So, when I feel like my hair is in need of a bit of 'bigging' up, I reach for a volumising spray. One I've been loving lately is the RUSH Big & Bold Volumising Spray*, which I spritz on damp hair. I then blowdry my hair upside down for even more vavavoom, and voila - big, bouncy hair.

Dry lips
Particularly around the summer months, my lips seem to turn into dried-up prunes that make any lip product look positively disgusting, so I always have to make sure I look after them as much as I can. My current favourite lip product for keeping lips pampered and in good condition is LipGlam*, a 100% natural lanolin lipbalm that lasts for up to eight hours and keeps lips smooth and hydrated. It can even be used on split ends, cuticles and dry skin - making it the perfect multi-tasking product to keep in your handbag.

Dry skin
I always have dry skin and it's definitely down to me being lazy with my mousturising routine. When my skin is in desperate need of hydration, my moisturisers of choice always come from The Body Shop. There's just something about their moisturisers that has the wow factor - from the smell to the level of hydration they give. For extremely dry hands, The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector is a must - it's honestly the only thing that really hydrates and soothes the skin on my chapped, weather-beaten hands! In terms of body lotions, I love The Body Shop's Coconut Body Butter - partly because I adore the smell and it instantly makes me feel like I'm on holiday, but also because it leaves my skin looking and feeling amazing. I particularly like the lotion that comes with shimmer during the summer months - because who doesn't love a sparkly limb or two?!

Short lashes/small, sleepy eyes
Unfortunately I've not been blessed with long lashes, nor have I with big eyes. This being the case, when I don't get enough sleep (or I have a good ol' crying session) I'm often left with the teeniest little eyes that no amount of mascara will redeem. When this happens, the best instant fix is to opt for falsies. I know some people are opposed to them, but I couldn't be without mine and I think natural false lashes look amazing. The Tanya Burr 'Date Night' Lashes* are just the right amount of flutter and length to really open up the eyes and make them look bigger and brighter. I always opt for fluttery, long lashes over volume and these are perfect for that.

Overgrown eyebrows 
My favourite product for banishing bushy, werewolf-esque eyebrows is my trusty pair of Primark tweezers. Yup - you read right - Primark. I've tried Tweezerman and other big branded tweezers before, but the ones that never let me down have always been from Primark. I have a little selection of, quite frankly, adorable-looking tweezers from there, and the best thing is they do the job amazingly well, and only cost £1.

Ueven skin texture
I'm currently going through a seriously unfortunate 'bumpy skin' phase. My skin goes through these phases every now and again, particularly when I'm stressed or I'm not eating as healthily as I should, my skin has a break out and with it, my skin's texture turns into a rather crater-like mess. The worst thing about this is that no amount of foundation will cover the uneven, bumpy texture, which dashes any hopes of 'flawless' skin. When this happens, a product I reach for is Jan Marini's Bioglycolic Cleanser*. I'm a huge fan of any Glycolic acid-based products, so I knew as soon as I got this cleanser that it would be a hit. It works to gently slough away dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling super smooth and clean. It exfoliates the skin deep down without drying it out and is one of the few things I find works well at smoothing and refining my skin.

What are your favourite SOS beauty products? Let me know!