10 Reasons Why Moving House is the Most Stressful Thing Ever

Thursday, 16 July 2015

I've moved house before. Lots of times, in fact, when I was growing up. I remember it being all hustle and bustle, removal men carrying endless amounts of furniture out of the house and into (what seemed like) a Mary Poppins-esque never-ending lorry. Lunch time trips to the sandwich shop between journeys and 'first night in the house' meals eating chip shop chips or takeaway pizza. When you're a kid, moving house is fun. It's exciting and fun to watch and observe the constant movement around you, but the best thing is you're too little to really get involved, so you really get to see things as they happen.

When you're an adult and moving house, however, things aren't quite as fun. You have to pack up your entire life into a van and hope and pray it makes it to your new abode safely. So, I thought I'd go through a few of the things I've learnt about moving house, and why it's the most stressful thing EVER.

1. It's expensive. Like, who knew? Aside from the actual cost of renting or buying a house, you have to also pay a deposit, pay for a van, actually BUY new things for the house and, if you're moving out of a rented place, pay for it to be cleaned top-to-toe or almost kill yourself whilst trying to clean it yourself.

2. You'll break stuff. It's a given, really, that things will get broken when you move. That lovely vase you got for your birthday? Yeah, forget about that. Despite the advances in bubble wrap over the years, when moving house, things get broken. Be prepared for it and perhaps even try to embrace it - after all, it means you can buy new stuff.

3. Things will go missing. Whether it's the crucial screw that puts your wardrobe together or the lock to get into your chest of drawers, things will just disappear into thin air with no prior warning. Some might turn up in the midst of unpacking, but it's best not to hold out too much hope.

4. Your physical strength will be put to the test. Like, ridiculous amounts. If you're not the fittest of people (like myself) then you'll struggle. Lugging heavy boxes up flights of stairs certainly ain't fun, and you'll do a lot of that. You'll be a hot and sweaty (and exhausted) mess 90% of the time - this is perfectly okay.

5. Moving furniture around will become a bit of a comedy sketch - I'm talking Chuckle Brothers/Friends-style. Be prepared for lots of 'to me, to you's and 'PIVOT's whilst attempting to get those all-important heavy bits of furniture in the new abode. Try not to break anything.

6. You'll learn to appreciate the little things. When you first get moved in, everything will be packed up in boxes and simple things like having a chair to sit down on will become a big deal. You'll learn to eat your dinner off boxes while sitting on beanbags and will probably need to wash the same mug up ten times a day (where did you put all the kitchen stuff!?) until things are unpacked. It's all part of the fun - promise.

7. Arguments WILL occur. If you're moving into a new place with your partner or your family, it's guaranteed you'll fall out more than once. Whether it's arguing about which bright spark packed the scissors, where to put the sofa or who's having the biggest bedroom, it's pretty much a given that falling out will happen. This is perfectly normal.

8. Trips to McDonalds and takeaway pizzas will become a regular occurrence. There's the obligatory 'first night in the new house' takeaway, the 'well we haven't bought any food yet' trip to McDonalds and, my personal favourite, the 'I'm too tired from unpacking to cook' meal out. These things are probably the best thing about moving and it's more than acceptable to embrace them. I mean, all that heavy lifting will burn the calories off anyway, right?

9. Things won't fit. Okay, so I'm not talking clothes after all those takeaways (although this may well be the case too) - I mean furniture. The new vintage bedside tables you bought? Yeah, they don't fit by the bed. That TV stand you thought would go perfectly with the coffee table? Doesn't fit either. No matter how well you measure things up beforehand, it's guaranteed there will be a select few pieces of furniture that just won't go where you want them to. Luckily, nine times out of ten you'll find somewhere else to put them - hooray.

10. You'll realise just how much stuff you own. 'I've got nothing to wear' will seem like the most ridiculous sentence ever when you realise all of your clothes fit into approximately five huge cardboard boxes, three suitcases and four bin bags. Good luck getting them back in your wardrobe!

So there you have it... ten reasons why moving house is seriously stressful. Once you are moved in though, and things start to take shape, it is totally worth it to have your own space. Just try not to think about all the washing up, cleaning and tidying you need to do...