Getting Back On Track

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Lately I've been feeling incredibly stressed, snowed-under, tired, overwhelmed and basically all over the shop. I recently moved house and moved out of my parents' house for good (scary!), so the past few months have been the most stressful and exhausting for quite a while. I'm still getting the hang of running my blog and YouTube and doing a full-time job, as well as wanting to get fit and healthy (and struggling), missing my dog, falling out with my wardrobe and basically just feeling anything but content.

My blog has been seriously neglected, as has my beauty regime (I seriously need to get my brows HD'd and book a facial, stat) and I've just generally been feeling a bit shitty about myself. I'm finally moved in though and things are slowly starting to take shape and get into a routine, so I'm hoping with that, my blogging routine will get back to normal too. 

I feel really sad looking back on the last few months of my blog as things are really few and far between, which really makes me feel disappointed in myself. I have a zillion blog posts planned in my head, but getting them down and getting the photos taken and edited and everything else has just been impossible lately. 

Now though, everything is in one place, I have my own office/blogging room and the majority of my things are unpacked - hooray! I have dusted off my blogging book, started writing down post ideas, taken photos and replied to my emails, and I'm hoping I can keep it up.

The thing about blogging is it takes so much work - much more than people realise, and if you're a perfectionist like me it makes it all the harder. It really is a full-time job so I completely applaud anyone who blogs daily and works full-time too - it's something I aspire to, but often fall behind because I prioritise other things - something which I know has to change. 

It's scary delving back into the world of blogging, not that I ever left, but over the past few months it really seems like things have shifted so it's going to be interesting to see that develops. In neglecting my blog I've been feeling so much like I'm falling behind, almost like we're all running a race and everyone is closing in on the finish line whilst I'm still only just getting started. I hope with getting back into blogging regularly I'll start to feel like part of it all again.

So, here's to (hopefully) lots more, regular posting. I've really missed it!