Make a Lyst

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

1. Marc Jacobs at Forzieri - £65
2. Miu Miu at YOOX - £235
3. Marc Jacobs at Forzieri - £39.99
4. Topshop - £100
5. Vans at Nordstrom - £41.29
6. Skinnydip at Topshop - £25

I'm a big fan of making lists. Shopping lists, to do lists, wishlists... the list is endless (sorry, I couldn't resist). One of my favourite things to do is to create wishlists of all the clothing items I'm currently lusting after online, in the hope that come pay day I might actually be able to afford a few of them. 

I recently discovered the website - a shopping website that helps you discover new brands and designers, put together your own 'lysts' of your favourite clothing items and see what trends are new. It's great for organising outfits, trends or even different seasons, and I love that it makes it so easy to access all of the different items I'm lusting after in one place, so I don't have to trawl through lots of different websites to see them all. The above 'lyst' is one of the many lists I've created on there now (view it in full here for links to all the products), and I love how I discovered that Marc Jacobs do some gorgeous and cute jewellery through browsing Lyst, and also fell in love with Christian Louboutin sneakers - I need those glittery ones in my life! 

Something I really love about Lyst is that it's personal to you - when you first sign up, it asks you which designers you like, so it learns your style and the sort of brands you'd like to see popping up on Lyst. It's not all fancy designers either - there are lots of highstreet websites on there too, like Topshop and H&M. 

I found Lyst really easy to navigate and especially liked how you can filter things so that only things with express delivery show up (perfect when you're looking for that Saturday night party dress) or so that you only see things with 70% off in the sale (or 60%, or 50%... you get the idea). 

The best thing about Lyst is that it introduces you to different brands and designers, and makes it so easy for you to 'scrapbook' your favourites, so that they're all there in one place for you to access when you feel a splurge coming on or simply want some outfit inspiration. There's also an app which makes things really easy - you can literally get lysting anywhere, any time. 

Have you tried Lyst yet? Let me know what you think!