The Perfect SOS Travel Kit

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

SOS Travel Kit* - Emma Lomax

Summer is here and with it comes summer holidays. I'm sadly not heading anywhere this summer (boo hiss boo) but for those lucky few that are, I just had to tell you all about this amazing travel bag that everyone who goes travelling NEEDS in their life.

As exciting travelling/going on holiday is, it can also be pretty damn stressful. Whether it's remembering the tickets and your passport or fretting about your luggage allowance, there's always something to stress about until you touch down in your destination of choice. This being the case, Emma Lomax has come up with the ultimate SOS kit for when you're travelling, packed full of all the little 'SOS' bits you need when you're heading abroad - and it's honestly the coolest thing ever.

In a sleek see-through case with a cute plane motif on the front, the SOS Travel Kit* is rammed full with all the essentials you'll need for on the plane and beyond - a hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand wipe, nail polish remover, deodorant wipe, ear plugs, portable battery charger, emery board, earring backs, mirror, tampon, safety pin, mending kit, hair tie, lip balm, and a plaster - phew! It's such a cute idea and the products you get inside are all really good quality, and I love that the bag is see-through so that it can go nicely in your hand luggage.

The best thing is that the bag is handmade by Emma Lomax herself, and the quality really shows. It's pricey at £30 but as it's handmade and comes with everything you need, I think it's totally worth it. It would make a great gift for someone heading on their travels or just to treat yourself to pre-holiday. Now I just need to book a holiday so I can use mine!

What do you think to the SOS Travel Kit from Emma Lomax? Let me know!