My Current Favourite Hair Tools

Monday, 17 August 2015

As much as I love talking about the hair serums, shampoos, deep conditioners and leave-in sprays that make my hair happy, I never really tend to talk too much about the tools that I use regularly to change up my hair style. Particularly during the summer, I find it really fun to try different styles - braids, curls, up-dos... I could go on. So, I thought it made perfect sense to run through my all-time favourite electrical hair tools for you! 

First up - my trusty Alter Ego hairdryer* from Ego Professional. I wash my hair pretty much every day and as it's so long and thick, it can be a massive pain to dry. As I wash it so often I have always worried about the damage the heat of a hairdryer might do to my hair, but with the Alter Ego dryer I don't worry as much because it encourages moisture to be absorbed into the hair shaft, leaving my usually frazzled hair a bit more glossy and hydrated. It's not cheap, but it's a fab hairdryer and the sleek red and black design is pretty snazzy too. 

A hair tool that I couldn't be without has got to be my trusty ghd IV Styler*. Perfect for straightening and curling my hair, this heats up super quickly and always delivers fantastic results. I've tried a lot of different straighteners in the past and ghd has always been by far the best brand for straightening, or indeed using a straightener to curl. I find using these always makes my style last longer than when I use anything else too - absolutely love this styler. 

A recent addition to my favourite hair tool collection is the Scunci Insta Twist*, which I reviewed not so long ago here. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you've mastered how to use this nifty little tool, you can create tonnes of gorgeous braids and plaits - perfect for over the summer months. 

For curling my hair, there are a couple of tools that I like to use, depending on the type of curls I'm going for. If I want effortless looking, loose waves then I opt for the Enrapture Totem Styler*, which is so quick and easy to use and leaves you with really loose, natural-looking waves. For tighter curls (or if you want your curls to hold better once they've dropped a bit) the Babyliss Conical Wand is great. It gets super hot really quickly and leaves you with tight curls which look great when brushed out. Just make sure you wear the glove that's supplied, otherwise you'll end up with burnt fingers! 

What are your favourite hair tools? Let me know!