My Favourite Home Technology for Blogging

Monday, 10 August 2015

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I blimmin' love me a good gadget. As much as makeup, skincare and fashion get me excited, I have to admit that gadgets have always been a lifelong love of mine and they probably always will be. If it was a choice between ditching all my MAC makeup or getting rid of my ACTUAL iMac, I think I know which I'd choose. 

Since moving house I've acquired an extra room which I'm calling my office, purely for blogging purposes (I think we all know blogging requires at least one room of its own) so I thought it was about time I showed you my set-up and also let you know about my favourite home gadgets for making blogging and everything that goes with it a little bit easier (and fun!) 

First up, my iMac. As expensive as these are, they are totally, completely and utterly worth it. I'd been a Windows girl for years (not really through choice - I was always lusting after a Mac), and so when I finally got my hands on an iMac of my very own it was a momentous occasion indeed. Mine is the lowest spec but it works amazingly well. The screen looks incredible - it's so bright and clear, something that Windows computers have just never been able to achieve. It loads up so quickly and although I do sometimes find the filing system on Macs a bit odd, I love everything else about it. It makes editing pictures, typing up posts and uploading videos a total dream. It's also great for watching Netflix (but of course I don't do this, I'm always busy working away... ahem). 

Next, my iPad and my iPhone. Apologies to any Apple haters out there, but I'm just a sucker for it. My Iphone 6 is the best phone I've ever had, and makes doing my social media updates so easy and fuss-free. I'm obsessed with Instagram on this phone thanks to its amazing camera, and I'm forever checking Twitter on it. It's also great for checking emails on the go and Snapchatting to your heart's content (or just looking at everyone else's Snapchats and living vicariously through them). My iPad Mini is my go-to for browsing Pinterest and watching YouTube videos - the bigger screen makes it a much more pleasurable viewing experience. I also really like using it for viewing posts on Bloglovin' - again, the bigger screen is so much better than viewing on your phone and Bloglovin' works really well on it. 

Finally, the newest addition to my little collection of gadgets - my Chromebook. I had originally been saving up for a MacBook, but after moving house my fund got used up and it was back to the drawing board. I've really missed having a decent laptop for blogging on the go though, so I decided to go for a cheaper option and picked a Chromebook. Unlike traditional laptops, a Chromebook is basically just the internet - so you can't pop a disk in this and play The Sims, nor can you edit videos or pictures (unless you're using online software). This doesn't bother me at all though as the majority of things I do are on the internet, and this is perfect for that. I use it to check and reply to emails, blog, update my social media, go on Pinterest and it does also have apps for word-processing etc, so you can do those too. It doesn't always need to be connected to the internet either - many of the apps work fine offline. 

So there you have it - my favourite bits of blogging technology in the home. What technology do you love using to blog on? Let me know in the comments! Also - if you're a total gadget geek like me and want to read about more innovative technology, check out this post here