The Wooden Watch

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Dover Men's Watch* - Wood Watches by JORD

I always find buying men presents ridiculously tricky. Being a girly girl through-and-through, I find it very hard to see masculine things and think 'oooh that's nice'. When it comes to watches, however, it's a different story. I love nothing more than a watch on a guy - maybe it's just me but I always seem to appreciate a beautifully crafted watch on a man, young or old.

I've always wanted to get my boyfriend a really posh, expensive, well-made watch, so when JORD Watches got in touch with the opportunity to be sent one of theirs, I couldn't resist. Wooden watches are a relatively new thing to me - to be honest, I didn't really know they existed until a few months ago. I love the idea behind them though and the fact that the most beautiful wood can be turned into an even more beautiful watch - and that every single one is unique.

The watch I chose is the Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood watch - each watch is completely unique (thanks to the wood) so your watch is never going to look 100% as shown on the website, but I was really pleased (as was my boyfriend) when we received the watch. It's beautifully made, comes in a lovely little wooden box and is a work of art in itself when you look at all the mechanics going around. My boyfriend was chuffed to bits with it as was I - it makes a really lovely gift and/or fashion statement.

The only downside to the watch is the price - it's not cheap at $295 (around £187), and obviously as it's wood getting it wet isn't advisable (it says it's splash-proof but not to submerge in water). Also, again, because it's wood it needs to be cleaned with lemon or orange oil extract which might seem as a bit of a faff to some people, but for the quirkiness and beauty of the watch it's definitely worth it.

I think if you have the money for it and want to buy a really special present for your other half (who likes quirky things/is a bit of a watch lover) then this is ideal. It certainly is a statement piece!

Would you buy a wooden watch for your boyfriend/partner/dad? Let me know what you think to the watch! Wood Watch