Getting Christmassy with the Mistletoe Bouquet from Debenhams

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Mistletoe Bouquet* - Debenhams Flowers

As Christmas is literally days away, I thought it only right to tell you guys about a beautiful bouquet of flowers that have been adding a sprinkling of Christmas beauty to my home over the past few days. I was recently contacted by Debenhams Flowers to review some of their stunning Christmas flower bouquets, and now I have my own place, I jumped at the chance to add some floral magic to it. 

I think there is nothing better than waking up to some beautiful blooms - something about flowers just immediately makes me feel happy, and especially at Christmastime, it doesn't seem right not to go all out and decorate the house with Christmas blossoms as well as the usual festive decorations. 

As much as I love all the festive reds, greens and golds that Christmas inevitably brings with it, when it comes to flowers I can't help but stick to my favourites. I'm a pastel pink girl through-and-through and so when I saw the Mistletoe bouquet on the Debenhams flowers website I had to have it. 

A mix of blue eryngium, white blooms, stunning memory lane roses and silver foliage, the Mistletoe bouquet is every girly girls dream, or ideal for those that want a Christmas bouquet without screaming 'Christmas!' It would look amazing in a minimalistic house with white walls and marble worktops (basically, my dream house) and basically, I love it. 

It came in a big Debenhams Flowers box and was beautifully packaged, along with the usual care guide and flower food, however I was a bit disappointed that one of the white blooms' heads had fallen off during transit! I think that's probably just luck of the drawer when it comes to receiving flowers in the post, and the bouquet still looks stunning regardless. 

The above images were taken a couple of days after receiving the bouquet, so you can see it in its prime. I think for £25 it's an absolute steal and I'd be delighted to wake up to a delivery of these on Christmas morning! 

There's still time to get your orders in for these beauties, or any of Debenhams lovely range of Christmas flowers, before the big day arrives - but be quick, you need to order by 9pm on Wednesday 23rd December to deliver them before Christmas. Fancy ordering some? Get 25% off your order with the code 'DFBLOG25' - thank me later!