The Tan Edit by James Read Review

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Tan Edit Face* - James Read Tan

Spring has finally sprung and whilst I have a tendency to whack on the fake tan all year round, it's particularly at this time of year that I start upping my tan game, making sure I'm bronzed to perfection at all (read: when I can be bothered) times. 

Whilst I have a tried a plethora of different tanning products, from St Tropez to St Moriz and Xen Tan to Cocoa Brown, one brand I've heard a lot about but never actually given a go is James Read. James Read is huge with celebrity tan fans - he's spray-tanned the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and actual Mariah Carey to name a few. But - does that mean his products are up to scratch? 

I was recently sent The Tan Edit Face - a trio of miniature tanning products - from James Read to give a go, all of which are for tanning your face. Now, as much as I consider myself a bit of an old hat when it comes to tanning, tanning my face is something I've always found a bit tricky. Having oily, acne-prone skin, the thought of applying a tanning product to my less-than-perfect skin has always made me a tad apprehensive. In the past I used the same products I applied on my body to my face (many tans claim to be suitable for this) and whilst the actual colour result was usually great, I found the majority of tans would leave me looking as if I had a million blackheads and seriously blocked pores. This always made me worry that the tan was actually blocking my pores, which just isn't worth it, no matter how good a tan is.

So, what did I get in the little trio of tanning treats? The set comes all of James Read's face products - the gradual tan, overnight tan and and enzyme peeling mask. Before I talk about the products themselves, I have to give James Read top marks for packaging - the super luxe yet modern white and gold tubes are right up my street and look great sitting on my bathroom shelf. 

Now, on to the products themselves. First up, the Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel Mask. I absolutely love the idea of a face mask purely for prepping your skin for tan - it's not something I've heard of before and I think it's a fab idea - we spend so long prepping our body to be tanned, why not do the same for our face? Suitable for all skin types, it's a hydrating and exfoliating (the most important two things when it comes to tanning) mask that you pop on for 10-20 minutes and then literally peel off. I loved using this and found it left my skin feeling ridiculously smooth and soft - ideal for tanning. I also think £15 for the full size product isn't bad at all, especially considering how great it leaves your skin feeling. 

The second product in the set is the Day Tan SPF15 - a gradual tanner designed for your face. I've tried several specific face gradual tanners in the past and have always had a bit of an issue getting an even tan, as well as struggling with the usual biscuit smell, but I found this product smelt great and also left me with a pretty much even finish. It also has a colourless formula which is rare for any kind of tan - but means it won't stain your bed sheets or your pyjamas, which is always a bonus! I like using this when I'm between tanning to build a bit of a glow to my skin. For the price of £22, however, I think when it comes to gradual face tanners I'll probably be sticking to the likes of Olay - I can forgive the smell and the fact other gradual tans aren't colourless when I compare the £5 price tag of them to James Read's rather hefty £22! 

Finally, my favourite product of the bunch has got to be the Sleep Mask Tan. This little beauty is basically a tan for your face, and it works amazingly well at doing so. Like the gradual tan, it has a colourless formula, and it dries super quickly, without leaving your skin with that nasty sticky feeling you get with some tans. The best thing? It's the first tanning product I've found that doesn't leave my skin looking clogged and gross the morning after I've applied it - instead it looks how I've always hoped my face would after a tanning sesh - golden, glowing, bright and healthy. I couldn't rave about this product enough and will definitely be buying the full size when I run out - even if it isn't the cheapest at £25! 

So, overall I'm really pleased with the little set and think James Read's products are definitely worth checking out. I also noticed them in my local TK Maxx recently so if you're off-put by the prices it might be worth taking a look in your nearest TK to see if they have any. Happy tanning!