Champneys Detox Range Review

Monday, 1 August 2016

Summer is here and that means the pretty little dresses are out, the short-shorts are on and bikini season is in full swing. Now, I'm not particularly bothered when it comes to getting my legs out and showing a bit more flesh, but I know I could definitely do with a helping hand in firming things up - especially my legs and arms. So, when I saw Champneys had a whole 'Detox' range* of products, it made perfect sense to give it a go.

The range consists of the Skin Firming Shower Scrub, Seaweed and Sea Salt Scrub, Hip and Thigh Firming Mud and Skin Firming Body Butter - basically everything you need to ensure your skin is pampered and preened and feels smoother, softer and tighter. Enriched with naturally-derived sea minerals, the range guarantees to give you that 'just left the spa' feeling without leaving the house.

The range smells fresh with a slight hint of the ocean - not entirely to my taste (I love sickly sweet scents, which this is basically the direct opposite of!) - but it definitely smells like the spa. All of the products in the range work similarly to ultimately smooth and firm the skin. The two scrubs made my skin feel incredible - the Seaweed and Sea Salt Scrub is definitely a bit more heavy-duty and leaves skin feeling so soft and smooth, whereas the Shower Scrub is a less intense, and probably better to use more frequently for a quick scrub in the shower. I like using the Sea Salt Scrub once a week and then the Shower Scrub every other day to keep my skin ultra smooth.

I love following the scrub with Skin Firming Body Butter - whilst it doesn't smell amazing, it leaves my skin feeling firmer and smoother than any other body butter I've tried, making all those wobbly bits a little less wobbly! Finally, the Hip and Thigh Firming Mud is the ultimate spa treatment product - it's definitely best left to do when you have a pampering session planned in or a bit of time on your hands, as you need to leave the mud on for 10-20 minutes to let it full absorb. I definitely felt like I was in the Turkish baths using this, and it's unlike any product I've ever tried before. It is a tad messy, but totally worth it for how smooth, tight and firm it leaves your skin feeling.

Overall I'm so impressed with the Detox range from Champneys and love that it allows me to experience spa-like products at home - all whilst getting my skin looking (and feeling) its best for the summer!