Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Getting back into fitness with new workout wear

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I have to admit, I've been really lacking on the fitness front lately. After going in all guns blazing a while back, things have slowly begun to slip and my heart just doesn't feel in it like it used to. I half-heartedly go to the gym, do the same routines whilst watching YouTube videos and then head home, feeling good but slightly deflated that I didn't really give it my all. The solution for my fitness lull? New gym wear, of course. 

I realised recently that, as well as my gym routines feeling dull, my gym wear has been feeling a bit on the boring side too. As much as I love my trusty Primark workout gear, it's not the most stylish and doesn't exactly have me feeling pumped for the gym anymore. So, I thought it was about time I branched out and found some new fitness gear to help get me back to my former, gym-loving self. A brand I had admired from afar for quite a while was Pink Soda Sport, which is a hit with celebs and fashion bloggers alike, so I thought it was about time I got my hands on some. 

Available from JD Sports, Pink Soda Sport is a fairly new range which everyone who is anyone seems to be wearing. In super stylish styles that are still affordable, it's no wonder the brand is so popular. I was kindly sent the 2-in-1 Muscle Tank Top*, which is basically a tank top and sports bra in one, with the reflective Pink Soda emblem on the front and a really cool open back. It goes perfectly with the Heart Capri Tights*, which are super comfy and make you feel really secure. It has a hidden pocket and an elastic drawcord to ensure they stay up, too. Whereas I normally opt for more colourful options when it comes to gym wear, I actually really love this grey and black combo and feel really confident in it. 

Here's hoping that these new additions to my wardrobe will bring me some of that much-needed motivation back - all being well, I should have a post to help with workout motivation up in a couple of weeks. Now I just need a pair of new kicks to complete the outfit! 

Do you find what you wear affects how you work out? Let me know! 
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