Entering the World of Eye Creams

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Eye creams, eye creams, eye creams... they are something I've always had in my skincare drawer, mainly through beauty blogging, but not actually something I've ever made an effort to regularly use. As I've always suffered with really bad acne, wrinkles and crow's feet have never really been that high on my list of priorities.

However, since turning 26 (OMG) I realise that it's probably about time I started thinking about anti-ageing in general, and particularly the delicate eye area. So, with that in mind, I rifled through my skincare drawer and pulled out a few to test.

First up, the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Eye Gel*. Specifically targeting the first signs of ageing (therefore ideal for us twenty-somethings just venturing into the world of anti-ageing), it contains Ceramides to help fight wrinkles. It also helps to brighten the skin, reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, and soaks into the skin well, drying quickly. It's quite pricey at £35 for just 15ml but it is a lovely product and I've definitely noticed a difference since using.

Next up - the Vichy Idealia Yeux Eyes*. One of my favourites of the bunch, this little beauty is perfect for fighting wrinkles whilst also awakening tired eyes. What's great about Vichy's offering is that it actually helps to illuminate the eye area with little glowy particles - making it ideal (pardon the pun!) if you're opting for minimal makeup but still want to look awake. It definitely makes a big difference to dark circles and isn't a bad price either, at £23.

Moving on to one of my fave skincare brands at the moment - Nip + Fab. I reviewed their Glycolic Fix range agggges ago and that still remains one of my most popular posts, so I had to include the Nip + Fab Bee Sting Fix Eye* in this round-up. As I love the brand, I did have high hopes for this product, and whilst I did see some improvement, it perhaps wasn't in the realms as the previous two products I've mentioned. It definitely helped to hydrate and nourish my eye area, and I did notice a very slight improvement in puffiness, but I'd probably choose the previous creams over it. I think it has been repackaged and now comes in a teensy 10ml tube which is also a big shame - but it is the cheapest of the bunch at £15.

Finally, I couldn't resist popping Benefit's It's Potent! Eye Cream in here, if for nothing else than the awesome packaging. I remember Benefit coming out with a skincare range years back and being so excited by it - mainly because of how adorable the packaging is (like everything Benefit brings out) if I'm honest, but I wanted to include it in this round-up as it's one of the first eye creams I ever tried. It smells insanely fresh, with cooling cucumber, and it does cool and soothe the eye area, but other than that I wasn't blown away. It is quite thick and definitely helps to moisturise and hydrate, but like the Nip + Fab product, there aren't huge results when it comes to getting rid of dark circles/helping against ageing. Not great when it's one of the more costly products, at £25.50.

Overall I'm a big fan of the first two eye creams, but the last two - not so much. I definitely think it proves that spending a bit more money on your skincare is worth it - as long as you opt for products with the right ingredients, as opposed to those that just look good (naming no names... *cough* Benefit *cough*). What is your favourite eye cream? Let me know!