8 Ways to Feel More Energetic

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Having a lot of energy is something I've always struggled with. I am not a morning person by any means - sadly I've always lacked that 'get up and go' that some people seem to naturally have. Bed is my favourite place to be and most days I think I spend 60% of my time yawning. Recently, however, since discovering Neom's Energy Boost range*, I've been taking measures to try and make myself more energetic and awake, and I've found they've really been working. So, I thought I would share some tips for feeling a bit more energetic in the hope it helps any fellow sleepyheads get a bit more get up and go...

1. Create a playlist
If there's one thing that's guaranteed to wake me up, it's a music playlist full of energy-boosting songs. Spotify has some brilliant playlists to choose from (the cheesy tunes playlist is a particular favourite of mine) or you could put together your own list of dancey, upbeat hits to make you feel energised. At the minute I'm loving the faster tracks on Little Mix and Lady Gaga's latest albums to give me an energy boost.

2. Drink more water 
Being dehydrated = being tired. I'm definitely guilty of not drinking enough water, and I really notice the difference when I do manage to get my eight glasses a day. If you're feeling run-down and tired, I'd recommend upping your water intake - hey, it's an excuse to buy a cute new water bottle, right?!

3. Take a shower
I mean, I'd hope you'd do this every day anyway, but whereas I'm usually an evening shower kinda gal, I do find having a shower first thing in the morning as soon as I get out of bed does wonders for waking me up, making me feel more energetic and motivated. Add some energising shower gel into the mix and you're golden.

4. Get outside
Once showered, a brisk walk out in the fresh country air with my dog Rory in tow never fails to blow the cobwebs away and leaves me feeling awakened and refreshed. I usually like to have my energising playlist bellowing in my ears too for the ultimate energetic start to the day.

5. Have a beauty boost
The whole inspiration for this post, I'm currently obsessed with Neom's Energy Boost range. I have the candle, perfume and hand balm, all of which smell incredible and really do work to awaken the senses and give me the energy boost I need. I love spritzing the perfume on first-thing (it's 100% natural and comes in a seriously stunning copper-lidded bottle) and then use the hand cream throughout the day. If I feel I need a big energy boost (this usually happens around 3pm most days) I'll give the candle a light and it always does the trick at waking me up and giving me the motivation I need.

6. Take some vitamins
For the past few weeks I've been taking vitamin B tablets on a daily basis. B vitamins help the body release energy from food, and often people suffer from vitamin B deficiency. I've definitely noticed a difference since taking them and would recommend giving them a go if you're feeling in need of an energy boost.

7. Exercise
As tiring as the thought of a big workout in the gym might be, I never come away from a workout feeling tired - my body might be, but I always feel full of energy and I'm generally bouncing off the walls after a good gym session. I can't recommend exercise enough for waking you up and just for mental well-being in general - as hard as it might be to get the motivation to start, once it's over you'll feel so much better for it.

8. Get an early night
Whilst it might seem glaringly obvious, in this age we're living in of smartphones, social media and Netflix, getting an early night isn't always quite so easy. Even when I say I'm going to go to bed early, it's inevitable that I'll sit scrolling on my phone for a good hour or so before I actually decide to sleep, or it'll be a case of 'just one more episode' when there's a Netflix show I'm particularly interested in. I think we definitely need to take time away from our phones and TVs and ensure we invest in some self-care and an actual early night, sans smartphones, more often than not. I know for me it makes a huge difference if I go to bed earlier, and so I've been making more of a conscious effort to have more of a bedtime "routine" lately that involves going to sleep before 10.30pm, if I can. It honestly makes me feel so much better the next day.

Do you have any tips for feeling energised? Let me know!