Dry Lip Saviours

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Ever since starting on Roaccutane for my skin, my lips have been incredibly dry. I've never known anything like it - they bleed, crack and get insanely sore - it can be unbearable at times. Before being on Roaccutane I'd very rarely get dry lips, so moisturising lip products were never really something I reached for. Thankfully, however, one of the positives of having such dry lips has meant I've been able to put lots of different hydrating lip products to the test. In this post I thought I would share my thoughts on each one for you all...

Carmex Vanilla Lip Balm*
The cheapest of all the lip balms I've tried, Carmex is generally my go-to when it comes to lip balm. I've been a fan of it for years, thanks to its affordability and the fact it's, well, a really good lip balm. It's super hydrating, and is available in lots of different varieties. This one in particular is the vanilla version, and it smells amazing as well as having SPF 15.

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm*
With shea butter to nourish and Vitamin E to protect, Pixi's lip balm is another dry lip saviour high on my list. Available in a variety of different shades, this lip balm is perfect if you're looking for a lip balm you can wear instead of a lipstick. I've generally been reaching for this on days when my lips are too dry to wear lipstick so the fact it comes in different shades is a big bonus.

Bee Good Vanilla and Honey Lip Balm*
Probably my least favourite of the bunch, I had high hopes for Bee Good's lip balm but sadly it just didn't meet my expectations. Whilst I love the scent (of which there are a few different varieties, including Lime Blossom & Honey and Raspberry and White Chocolate) the consistency isn't great and it just didn't keep my lips anywhere near as nourished or hydrated as the other lip balms.

Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream Lip Protectant*
Most definitely my favourite and a new staple in my skincare routine, Elizabeth Arden's 8-Hour Cream Lip Protectant is nothing short of amazing. As soon as you apply it it instantly nourishes your lips and lasts all day. It glides on beautifully, is super smooth and is enriched with skin softeners, Vitamin E and sunscreen. I have the tin version which I got in a gift set and looks to be exclusive to World Duty Free, but you can also get a stick which is probably a bit easier for when you're out and about. Totally recommend trying this if you're looking for a new lip balm!

Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector
If you're after a super light-weight lip balm that's available in a selection of different shades then the Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector would be perfect for you. Whilst it is one of the most expensive of those featured, it contains a wealth of hydrating ingredients, including Vitamin E, wild mango and shea butter, and hyaluronic acid. It's moisturising without being heavy on the lips - perfect for anyone who doesn't like the feeling of a sticky lip balm on their lips.

What are your go-to dry lip saviours? Let me know!