Put an (ear)ring on it!

Monday, 31 July 2017

I've been obsessed with jewellery for as long as I can remember. In particular, I've always had a penchant for earrings. I think I first got my ears pierced back when I was six or seven, and since then I've very rarely been seen without something sparkly, hooped or golden adorning my ears. Over the past two or three years, however, I've kind of just forgotten about earrings and my ears have been without anything remotely pretty hanging off them. This being the case, I decided recently that I needed to fall back in love with wearing earrings and so this little selection from JewelleryBox.co.uk has helped me do just that.

Whilst I do love a statement earring, as I explained in my last jewellery-related post, I am all about delicate jewellery at the moment. That being said, delicate doesn't mean no personality - you can still get some super cute and quirky delicate earrings, as you can see from my selection above. I picked up the cutest rose gold honeycomb earrings* which are honestly so stunning in real life and look amazing on - they're probably my favourite of the bunch. Next, I picked up these cactus earrings* because, like everyone else in the blogosphere, I am obsessed with all things cacti right now and I've never come across any cactus-inspired jewellery before so thought these were perfect. Finally, I couldn't resist these cat-shaped earrings* - I mean seriously, HOW cute are they?! Perfect if you're an animal lover like me!

Since I've reignited my love for earrings I can't stop thinking about getting some other areas on my ears pierced. I'm a little bit obsessed with looking at all the cute pictures on Pinterest of people with multiple ear piercings - it's all very boho chic and cool and I love it. I'm thinking a trip to Claire's might be in order!

Are you a fan of earrings too? Let me know what you think to my picks!

*This post is in collaboration with JewelleryBox.co.uk*