Gel Polish at Home: Candy Coat Review

Monday, 13 November 2017

Despite being a beauty blogger and lover of all things makeup, I actually hate painting my nails. This is mainly because I'm impatient, hate waiting for nail polish to dry and when I think it's dry, I'll go to bed, only to find when I wake up the next morning that there are imprints all over my nails. Not cute. I also hate the fact that I go through all the effort of painting/waiting around for my nails, only to find they chip after a couple of days.

After dealing with the farce that is doing my nails for the past 20 or so years, I decided it was time to change things up, save time and give my nails a better, stronger finish with the help of gel polish. I went to the salon a few times to have them done by a professional, then decided I'd buy a lamp and have a go at DIYing them. The only thing was, I couldn't find any decent gel polishes - until Candy Coat came along.

I hadn't heard of Candy Coat until recently, but as soon as I landed on their website and social media I was in love. They're everything I love in a brand - super girly and fun, with a similar vibe to the likes of Skinny Dip London and Spectrum Collections. They were generous enough to send me over a big bundle of nail goodies, including gel polishes and some incredible glitters, and even the box my bits came in was covered in unicorns, rainbows, bows and glitter hearts.

As soon as I started using these polishes I fell in love. They are so easy to apply and super pigmented - even really pale colours (like the lilac pictured above) go on super opaque in just two coats. The colour range they have on the website is insane too - they have every shade you could ever want, as well as metallic shades, holographic shades and glitters. To use the loose glitters you literally grab some of their Sticky Sugar Glaze, cure it and then dab your chosen glitter on over the top. The purple holographic glitter they sent me is absolutely insane (you can take a peek at it on my nails over on my Instagram here) and was so quick and easy to do. At around £8 a pop (holographic and some glitter shades are a bit more money) I think they are amazing and I will most definitely be placing an order for some autumnal shades, as well as some of their accessories (they do incredible rainbow tools as well as every kind of nail brush you'd ever need!)

Do you do your own gel nails? Let me know if you've tried Candy Coat before!