Why TK Maxx is the Best Place for Beauty Right Now

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

You guys know I love a bargain, and so when I stumbled across TK Maxx's beauty section and saw how much they've upped their game in the brand stakes lately I just had to share.

I love TK Maxx - in my eyes it's a real treasure trove of wonders, and you never know what you might find in there (the same goes for Homesense). Whilst I usually swoon over the bags, homeware and stationery, more recently it's their beauty section that's been catching my eye. It's always been the place to find good deals (I'm pretty sure I've bought my fair share of Tigi shampoos from there over the years) but lately they have been getting more and more incredible high-end brands for a fraction of the price. I honestly think it is THE place for beauty lovers right now!

Which brands do they stock?

Okay, so like I said, TK has always had their fair share of beauty brands, but lately they've really outdone themselves. Brands I've stumbled across include Too Faced (my fave, of which they seem to have loads of), Urban Decay, Estee Lauder, MAC, Illamasqua, By Terry, Charlotte Tilbury (!!), NYX, Rodial, Milk Makeup, NARS, Tarte and even blimmin' Anastasia Beverly Hills. Yes - all of those amazing brands, but much cheaper.

How much cheaper are they? 

Okay, so some of the products don't have as much off as others (the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks I've seen online only have about £4 off) but a saving is a saving and some of these are over 50% off. For example, I picked up some ABH eyeshadows for £3.99 each, when they're usually £12 (I know they're not photographed here but I got them after these pics were taken - d'oh!). That's basically a drugstore price for a high-end brand - something I can very much get behind!

What did I pick up? 

So, on several different occasions I've been into TK Maxx and picked up some beauty bits (or ordered online). I know TK has been stocking Too Faced Melted lipsticks for a while now (I picked up the bright pink one a few months back) but I was yet to try the Melted Latex ones so couldn't resist picking up this rather vampy one - the shade is 'Can't Touch This'. Both lipsticks were £5.99 each when they are £19 full-price so this was a total bargain if you ask me! Sticking with Too Faced, I also picked up the Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer (normally £25, I got it for £7.99) and the most incredible Funfetti palette - I think this was a limited edition palette from last year so it's not available anymore, but I'm guessing it would have been around the £30-£40 mark originally - I got it for £12.99! 

I also picked up a charcoal cleanser from Milk Makeup - I'd not heard of the brand previously but a quick search online while I was in the shop confirmed I needed this badly - Caroline Hirons wrote a glowing review of it a few years back so I pretty much ran to the till with it. I think it was about £6.99 and it retails at $28 (it's an American brand that is seemingly pretty hard to get hold of here - another one of the wonders of TK Maxx!).

Finally, I was queuing up for something or other and I saw the Grow Gorgeous Hair Serum winking at me and ended up buying two bottles. I'd actually been looking at it a few days before online where I saw it was £30, so when I saw TK had it for a tenner I had to have one (or two). Another incredible beauty bargain if you ask me!

Honestly, if you're into beauty but love a saving you need to get to TK Maxx now! This isn't sponsored, I'm just a little bit obsessed with TK Maxx anyway and this latest beauty bonanza has made me even more so. Let me know if you've picked up any absolute steals in the beauty section of TK lately - any excuse for me to head out and try and track some more beauty bargains down!