Goals for June

Sunday, 2 June 2019

I can't believe it's June already. How quickly is this year going!? We're already almost half-way through, and I feel like I need to start setting more regular goals to keep me motivated throughout the month. I love writing these types of posts and they keep me on track and focused on what I want to achieve for the month ahead. So, here are my goals for this month:


It's been a while, am I right?! I kind of fell out of love with my blog layout, got out of the swing of things in terms of regular blogging and it is so hard to get back into it once things have fallen out of sync. I have a new layout now though and I feel much more motivated and excited to get back into regular blogging. I think the fact it's sunny and warm now is making me much more motivated too - bring on the peony pics (if I can manage to track some down that is!).

Get organised

I have been meaning to have a big clear-out/rejig of my office for ages now but I've been putting it off because... well, effort. This weekend I finally started putting lots of bits on Depop though (I have so many clothes I need to get rid of!) and started sorting through my makeup, tidying up my desktop etc. I'm going to be writing a post on how I'm getting organised soon as I'm a self-confessed hoarder and so getting rid of things is tough, but I'm finally getting there. Hopefully it'll help any fellow clothes/jewellery/makeup hoarders out!

Take my camera out more

I used to take my camera with me everywhere but over the past year or so it's pretty much lived in my office, only really venturing downstairs when I need to take blog pictures. My boyfriend recently started a photography blog however and it's really inspired me to start taking mine out with me - he takes his everywhere and I just kind of stand around wondering what to do, when I could be getting in on the action too! I might not lug my DSR around with me everywhere I go but I am planning on taking my Olympus Pen out a lot more - it's small and compact so there's really no excuse not to! 

Create more travel content

Travel is something I absolutely adore, and don't do nearly enough of. I have a few trips planned this year (sadly not abroad, but when the weather is this lovely who needs to go away?) so I'm going to listen to the aforementioned goal, grab my camera and get taking lots of pics so I can document my travels for you all. It's something I've always wanted to feature more on here but just never really got round to, so better late than never, right!? 

Be more eco-friendly 

I'm ashamed to admit that in the past I've been a bit lazy when it comes to recycling/driving my car when I could walk/just generally doing my bit to help the planet out. The more I learn about the situation we're in though, the more I'm realising I absolutely need to do more. I'm becoming much more aware of what I can/can't recycle, using my car a lot less than I used to and eating vegan a lot more too. I'm a veggie anyway and I don't drink milk but I know even simple things like choosing the vegan option when I'm out or cooking more vegan meals at home will make all the difference. Any tips on how to be more eco-friendly are greatly appreciated though! 

What are your goals for this month? Let me know, I'd love to hear!