Illamasqua Nude Unveiled Artistry Palette

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

When it was first revealed Illamasqua was bringing out a nude/neutral palette I know there were a few people who were a tad surprised. Illamasqua are famed for being a bit wild and wacky, and ultimately, aim to break the mould - so why opt for a nude palette when they're all about being different?

Well, I for one was super excited about the new addition to their impressive repertoire of beauty products, and I feel like it makes sense. Neutrals are huge and it would be stupid of a brand not to recognise that. Plus, I'm a big fan of Illamasqua as a brand but I'll always be a neutral girl, so this palette completely appealed to me. I think that's probably why they decided to go for this - while 90% of their collections are nothing short of extraordinary, it's nice that your average neutral junky has something to opt for when perusing their local Illamasqua.

But that's not to say this palette is the same as every other nude palette out there. The Illamasqua Nude Collection Unveiled Artistry Palette (£38) is a gorgeous mix of both matte and metallic neutral shades and, in true Illamasqua style, it veers away from 'traditional' neutrals and gives us something that packs a bit more of a punch. There is a rich fuschia, deep cherry, a delicious bronze and an array of more orange-toned matte shades. I personally think it's a brilliant palette for anyone who loves a neutral but wants to try something a little more 'fun'.

As with all Illamasqua shadows, these are super pigmented and blend beautifully. They're perfect for everyday wear but also look stunning smoked up for an evening look. Honestly, I think if you're debating buying this palette then go for it - you won't be disappointed.